The State of Games in the Media

The video games industry is now a bigger grossing industry than the movie industry. In 2007 more money was spent in the UK on PC and console games, as well as the consoles themselves and the associated peripherals than on DVDs and cinema tickets. Yet until recently the media attention lavished on the movie and music industry, movie stars, plots and special effects far outshone that given to the games industry, with games journalism lagging behind movie and music reviews and comments in the majority of mainstream titles.

So too does the wider public view the movie industry more seriously, handing it the privilege to deal with important issues and make important comments. By contrast the games industry is viewed with a degree of both suspicion and a lack of seriousness, still seen by many as an immature pursuit of kids and adults who need to grow up. Big releases like Halo 3, Wii Fit and Grand Theft Auto 4 have all received comparatively high media attention, though not always for strictly good reasons or in a positive light. Generally games only enter the general publics eye when they break records or through bad press.

In that last couple of years though games and games journalism has grown to take a place in many large papers, websites and TV and news programs. Alongside movie and music reviews game reviews often appear and with big name title releases their press grabbing launches can grab news time on TV as well as . Other press attention is gained in a less favorable light with games such as Grand Theft Auto or Manhunt 2 making the news because of their controversial content. And so as the games industry grows and matures so too does it gain wider exposure from the mainstream press.

As well appearances in the press the games journalism industry in its own right has grown and matured into a business and discipline in itself. Dedicated games magazines are now experienced long-term brand names as are their associated websites. Recently not only have TV shows dedicated to game reviews and news grown to take a place on several channels but games orientated channels themselves have launched not just online but on Sky and Cable too, namely

Games journalism has sprung up as an industry in itself surrounding the profitable, dynamic and exciting world of not just the news of leading games consoles but also eSports,indie games and the wider games industry. Games fans, experts and industry workers come together to analyze new releases, breaking news and industry developments through games writing and games articles. A new website allows everyone to create an account and write games journalism articles to be read and commented on by other members, allowing anyone to enter the field of games journalism and build up an online profile of their news stories and articles.

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